All the products to enable you to create, serve and store


  • Food Packaging
    Serve or store your food in this range of containers
  • Foils & Wraps

    Find catering size packs of foil, cling wrap and baking paper in standard and extra wide. Greaseproof and butchers paper for your speciality needs. We also stock foil for hairdressing salons.

  • Disposable Cups

    Catering for both hot and cold cups with a range of sizing and lids available

  • Plates & Bowls
    Decor plastic for a economical reusable option and disposable plates and bowls to make clean up a breeze
  • Glassware
    Polycarbonate glassware for when you need your glassware to be unbreakable
  • Utensils
  • Cutlery
    Disposable cutlery for all your catering needs
  • Straws

    Milkshake, cocktail, flexi or regular. A straw for all purposes.

  • Food Service
  • Tablecloths
    Our tablecloths are perfect for your functions requirements
  • Miscellaneous