Cloths & Scourers

Cloths & Scourers 

For all your cleaning needs whether its for the kitchen, bathroom, medical, or industrial we stock Chux, specialty wipes, stainless steel scourers and more.

Try the Chux biodegrable non scratch scourer for a sustainable solution.


  • Wipes

    There is a wipe to suit every purpose.

    The Chux cloth range is comes in a range of colours to ensure there is no cross contamination between areas. Keep a red cloth in the bathroom and you'll never mix it up with the green cloth in the kitchen!

    The specialty cloths are designed for specific applications from dusting a computer with the non static Chux dusting cloth or polishing chrome or glassware with the Chux Masslinn cloth.

  • Scourers
    Stainless Steel or heavy duty green scourers for scrubbing the toughest grime